Cookie Policy


A cookie is a text file the website can ask to be stored in your computer. Cookies are used in most web spaces to give the visitor access to a range of functions and services on the site. This via how the cookie stores information in order to improve the visitor experience.

By visiting and using you agree to the use of cookies. You can also agree to, or handle the use of, cookies in your web browser settings.


We use Google Analytics in order to evaluate our website through the gathering of statistical data. The purpose of using this data is to improve the site and facilitate the various needs of our visitors. Should you wish to read more about which cookies that Google Analytics use then you can do so here.

For the same reasons we use Squarespace Analytics. More information about Squarespace’s own cookies policy can be found here.

  • Purpose of Google and Squarespace analytics:

    • Through the gathering of user-generated data, and with the help of Google and Squarespace Analytics, generate an improved idea of the visitor’s experience and behaviour on our website.

  • Storage period:

    • Five (5) years.

  • Information to/from third parties:

    • These cookies send information to Google and Squarespace.

You can turn off cookies

If you do not accept the use of cookies you can simply change the settings of your web browser to disallow them. Please note that this can affect the website’s functionality.