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Maria Norberg

CEo & CO-founder

“The humanitarian engineer” sums up who Maria is, what she does and why. As long as she can remember she’s been interested in technology, engineering and people.

Maria has worked as a leader, being in charge of group of 5-130 people, since 2011. The last five years she’s held courses and presentations for thousands of individuals on the subjects of leadership, gender equality, diversity and inclusion as well as self-leadership.

She’s worked as an consultant for large global and smaller national organizations focused on leadership development, equality, cultural changes and strategic work.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Biotechnology

Management Consultant - Strategy, cultural change, leadership, equality & inclusion

Speaker - Equality & inclusion, self-leadership, leadership and teams

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Maria Paavola

Chairwoman & co-founder

Maria had studied behavioural & social sciences for a year when her curiousity of how “things work” made her realize that is was an engineer she ought to be.

Initially, Maria hails from Luleå where she was practically raised within the manufacturing industry, and she was at a young age endowed with the responsibilities of supporting the management of an industrial company. Leadership has always been Maria’s specialty, although she is also comfortable with getting to know both new organizations and new technology.

As an employee, Maria has among other things served as project lead for global introductions of specialty products at Scania, with budgets of each project spanning 10-30 MSEK.



BSc Construction, Uppsla University

10+ years experience in leadership within the construction and automotive industries, both as employee and independent contractor

Currently works with development of autonomous systems & solutions in the automotive sector


Amanda Malmqvist

business developer

Amanda’s interest in engineering & tech spans from machine learning to agile product development, with a special emphasis on people. For example, working with product development she’s focused on understanding the user within economic and technological restrictions.

She too has lead teams of over a hundred people, both in volunteering and corporate organisations. Moreover, her interest has been in working for industries promoting positive change, like clean tech or education.

The world of startups, her experience in leadership and studies in mathematics and computer science opened her eyes to an unequal tech industry.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Applied Mathematics - KTH, Columbia University, London School of Economics

Product development - management, UX, user research, startups

Education - Course director, digital teaching & material, teaching mathematics

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Alex Warris

business Developer

Alex can most aptly be described with the words relentless optimist. Fixing things has always been what he’s enjoyed the most, whether it be putting down new flooring in his student apartment, ripping radios apart as a child or structuring Teknikkvinnor’s file structure.

Alex has experience from both employment and thesis work in Swedish industry and corporations, and has leader experience from volunteering work where he’s been in charge of different teams of up to 120 people. He’s also gotten involved with RKUF (RCY) and Stockholm Stadsmission in conjunction with the migrant crisis 2014, and worked shortly as a management consultant before Teknikkvinnor. It’s more important to do right than to be right, that’s his mantra.

In his spare time he likes to challenge himself, and have among other things hitchhiked through Europe, visited 53 countries and signed up for an exchange semester in South America without knowing Spanish - he does now though.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Production - KTH, Universidad de Chile

Speaker - Strategy, production, cultural changes, equality & diversity

Manufacturing - Supply chain, operations, analysis & sourcing