We see collaboration as the thing to create long lasting change, where both parties can do what they do best and are passionate about!



Unionen Chef made possible the network of Teknikvinnor Chef, and help with keeping it running. As the nation’s largest union for managers, Unionen Chef can assist you with growth and professional aid on a managerial level. You can read more about them HERE.


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Help to Help supplies education through crowdfunding for, among others, Teknikvinnor in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. We see the enormous potential in bringing the world to these Teknikkvinnor and to broaden perspectives. You can read more about their amazing work HERE.



Just as you Google something you’re looking for, or Uber yourself around, you should Rebbel your business challenges. Rebbel mountain provides access to deep professional experience, allowing for you to strengthen your internal and external projects. Through a collaboration, Teknikkvinnor get their first month free & recieve a 10% discount for 6 months via code ‘TKMember’. You can sign up HERE.


Talent Eye conducts executive search of young academics. Since 2011 they have matched brave companies with young talents, for both an increased business and societal value. You can read more about Talent Eye and their approach HERE.


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Via Consulting supports and inspires organizations to build more including recruitment processes and working environments, with an emphasis on innovation and drive. They also offer support in salary surveys and analysis. Read more about them HERE.


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