noun Teknikkvinna; plural noun Teknikvinnor [-ər]

A person who is active within the field of technology and actively engaging with ideas of gender equality & inclusion.

The dream

We want to renew the playing field: it ought to be just as crystal clear for women to work with technology, as it is for men. We want for more to experience the excitement of working in tech, and how technology changes the world every day!

To ensure and develop competence long term, as well as inspire more to a career in tech, we want to shorten the gaps between industry, university, college, upper secondary and elementary school.

We are furthermore convinced that the distribution of men and women in positions of power needs to be levelled, not only in tech but in the world in general. We simply want to place more women in seats where they have the power to influence, with the goal of making the technology industries more equal, more innovative, and more profitable.

The core

happiness - Glädje

Teknikkvinnor is a power for good and of positivity, and is characterized by happiness. Teknikkvinnor is a source of positive energy and inspiration.

inclusion - Inkludering

‘Differences makes perfect’, and we let every individual be themselves, regardless of context. Teknikkvinnor is permeated by openness, collaboration and responsiveness.


engagement - engagemang

Teknikkvinnor is built on involvement and the will to create a more equal and including world, one step at a time. We are passionate about getting more individuals to see and govern their own potential, for the increased ability to affect both themselves and their environment.

constructivity - konstruktivitet

Teknikkvinnor challenge and promote development in a constructive manner, expressed by the Swedish idiom ‘framrutan är större än backspegeln’ (the front windshield is bigger than the rearview). We motivate, inspire and enable change adapted to the individual or organization from a long term perspective. Teknikkvinnor are a part of the solution.