our history

Teknikkvinnor started as a Swedish Facebook group in September of 2017. In five days it had 5000 members, now almost 27 000 individuals, spread out all over Sweden. Based on the members’ needs and wishes, two sister networks have been created: Teknikkvinnor Chef & Teknikkvinnor Jobb. Over 20 meetups and events have been held since the inception, with invitees ranging from major industrial corporations to trade unions and student organisations to small startups.

We have had hundreds of conversations within the network Teknikkvinnor and with decisionmakers, and these have made it clear that a translator is missing. An intermediary who can translate what individuals in organizations experience, and what people in positions of power believe to be happening. During the very first year of Teknikkvinnor’s existence, we were invited to the political convention Almedalsveckan and set up talks with the Swedish government.