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Maria Norberg

CEo & CO-founder

“The humanitarian engineer” sums up who Maria is, what she does and why. As long as she can remember she’s been interested in technology, engineering and people.

Maria has worked as a leader, being in charge of group of 5-130 people, since 2011. The last five years she’s held courses and presentations for thousands of individuals on the subjects of leadership, gender equality, diversity and inclusion as well as self-leadership.

She’s worked as an consultant for large global and smaller national organizations focused on leadership development, equality, cultural changes and strategic work.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Biotechnology

Management Consultant - Strategy, cultural change, leadership, equality & inclusion

Speaker - Equality & inclusion, self-leadership, leadership and teams

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Maria Paavola

Chairwoman & co-founder

Maria had studied behavioural & social sciences for a year when her curiousity of how “things work” made her realize that is was an engineer she ought to be.

Initially, Maria hails from Luleå where she was practically raised within the manufacturing industry, and she was at a young age endowed with the responsibilities of supporting the management of an industrial company. Leadership has always been Maria’s specialty, although she is also comfortable with getting to know both new organizations and new technology.

As an employee, Maria has among other things served as project lead for global introductions of specialty products at Scania, with budgets of each project spanning 10-30 MSEK.



BSc Construction, Uppsla University

10+ years experience in leadership within the construction and automotive industries, both as employee and independent contractor

Currently works with development of autonomous systems & solutions in the automotive sector


Amanda Malmqvist

business developer

Amanda’s interest in engineering & tech spans from machine learning to agile product development, with a special emphasis on people. For example, working with product development she’s focused on understanding the user within economic and technological restrictions.

She too has lead teams of over a hundred people, both in volunteering and corporate organisations. Moreover, her interest has been in working for industries promoting positive change, like clean tech or education.

The world of startups, her experience in leadership and studies in mathematics and computer science opened her eyes to an unequal tech industry.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Applied Mathematics - KTH, Columbia University, London School of Economics

Product development - management, UX, user research, startups

Education - Course director, digital teaching & material, teaching mathematics

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Alex Warris

business Developer

Alex can most aptly be described with the words relentless optimist. Fixing things has always been what he’s enjoyed the most, whether it be putting down new flooring in his student apartment, ripping radios apart as a child or structuring Teknikkvinnor’s file structure.

Alex has experience from both employment and thesis work in Swedish industry and corporations, and has leader experience from volunteering work where he’s been in charge of different teams of up to 120 people. He’s also gotten involved with RKUF (RCY) and Stockholm Stadsmission in conjunction with the migrant crisis 2014, and worked shortly as a management consultant before Teknikkvinnor. It’s more important to do right than to be right, that’s his mantra.

In his spare time he likes to challenge himself, and have among other things hitchhiked through Europe, visited 53 countries and signed up for an exchange semester in South America without knowing Spanish - he does now though.

MSc Industrial Engineering & Management with specialization in Production - KTH, Universidad de Chile

Speaker - Strategy, production, cultural changes, equality & diversity

Manufacturing - Supply chain, operations, analysis & sourcing



To ensure a continued constructive evolution of Teknikkvinnor in general, and specifically in the work towards businesses and organizations, we have recruited an Advisory Board. The goal is to constantly stay relevant and offer effective solutions that contribute to a more equal and inclusive technology industry. Teknikkvinnor’s Advisory Board is made up of three individuals with different experience and specialties, which you can read more about below.

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Karolina Lisslö

Karolina’s passions are education, development and equality, and she works daily to allow for children and young adults to reach their dreams through mathematics. As General Secretary of Mattecentrum, she acts to promote knowledge of math and programming, to help girls choose STEM education, and enable tutoring in mathematics for all of Sweden’s students. By providing her immense experience, knowledge and network to Teknikkvinnor, she hopes to contribute to inspiring more girls and women in choosing more technology intensive professions and educations for a more equal and inclusive society.


Katarina Mellström

The economist who for more than 20 years has led multiple technology driven businesses in IT, Telecom and Security. With long-standing experience from chair and advisory boards, Katarina’s knowledge stretches from Sweden and beyond. She’s very curious and always wants to learn and grow. Katarina is also full of energy, lighthearted, and rather says yes than no. She has left the operative leadership and now contributes with life experience and knowledge in a variety of areas. Currently she can be found at Swedish Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA, where she works with IVA’s long term efforts in Knowledge and Entrepreneurship.


Michael Abrams

Over a 15 year career, he has been a management consultant with McKinsey and Accenture, before moving to work in boutique firms. His consulting style is tailored to the needs of different clients and highly collaborative. In his experience, building sustainable change requires co-creating with client leaders, so they ‘own’ the result.

Michael now runs Metanis Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses of various sizes unlock profitable growth.  His work often involves closely advising senior executives on their business issues, especially in Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Energy sectors.

He deeply supports the mission of Teknikkvinnor because he believes that an equal gender representation will benefit women, the companies they work with, and society as a whole.



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It is with great pride we present the Ambassadors of Teknikkvinnor. They live in Luleå, Piteå & Skellefteå up north, Dalarna, Värmland & Uppsala in the center, and Gothenburg in the southwest. They are Teknikkvinnor with different backgrounds, experiences and strengths, as well as a connection to their communities and a glowing commitment.

The Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining and creating local participation, building physical spaces for networking and coordinating meetups.

Contact the local Ambassadors here.







Emelie Törnkvist

Emelie is 34 years of age and lives in Luleå. She has previously worked as an energy consultant and project lead for a variety of R&D projects, and most recently studied Digital Strategy aimed at business development and technology. She just finished writing her thesis paper on machine learning and graduated in January of 2019. Her passion is getting more women attracted to professions in technology as well as boosting others through the use of networks. Her goal as ambassador for Teknikkvinnor Luleå is to strengthen networks, create synergies with the women of Övre Norrland and coordinate workshops, seminars and presentations which help grow the competences of women and non-binaries in tech.


Ida MäättÄ

Ida studies as a Civil Engineer (M.Sc) in environmental sciences at Luleå Technical University. To her, development is highly important, both on a personal level and a societal one. To be a part of Teknikkvinnor and hopefully contribute to a positive development on the tech industry in terms of gender equality is thus something she’s very happy about.





Marie Nilsson

Marie is a future digital strategist with a passion for letting more non-men get passionate about, and be a part of, new technology and innovation. After five years in Machine Control it is now high time for her to test new waters with hopes of leading projects aimed at inclusion and equality in the world of tech.





Sara Lindahl

Sara from Skellefteå works as a business and consulting manager for IT-company Explizit Solutions. She’s a Civil Engineer (M.Sc) in Theoretical Physics from Uppsala Universiy and has worked in a variety of different industries, and everything from small local organizations to large international companies. She sees Teknikkvinnor as a good platform for creating networking opportunities, so that more women get better options in building relationships to use in their careers.






Emma Grubbström

Emma is a mother of two from Leksand who today works as Section Manager for electrical power transfers at the Department of Traffic in Borlänge. Her passion is in a shared sustainable future focused on energy and societal development. She is driven by continuous improvement of her environment and herself, and strives for equal treatment, inclusion and thinking different in her leadership. Apart from that, she enjoys long runs under the sun and spending time with her family.


Julia Nygren

Julia is 23 and a recently graduated engineer in energy from Mälardalen College in Västerås, and now resides with her partner and dog in Borlänge. Her spare time is very much spent in the forest, travelling, workouts and with family. She’s very excited about the possibility of having more girls, women and non-binaries in her region all get the opportunity to meet up and network to leverage their competence, and hopes that they’re as excited as she is herself!






Marina is 36 years of age and lives in Karlstad. She’s a trained engineer in Theoretical Physics from Chalmers University and worked her first years in calculations in Gothenburg. Marina’s always been interested in both technology and people, and thus started focusing on leadership in the tech industry at an early age. With experience from managerial positions from Valmet and now as a consultant manager at Technogarden, she has found what she’s most passionate about - making sure individuals in the tech industry grow in their roles. As an ambassador at Teknikkvinnor, Marina wants to create meetups and relations between women to allow for more to develop, learn, get a sense of belonging and have fun!


Agnes is 26 and has for the last 3 years lived in Karlstad. She has an engineering degree (M.Sc) in Industrial Engineering & Management from Luleå Technical University and has, since her thesis work at Valmet, decided to stay there. Today she works as their Business Development Manager but also as Global Implementation Owner in quality within a large business system project. Agnes loves learning new things and will get interested about most anything, from molding concrete to strategic cases. As ambassador for Teknikkvinnor, she wishes to participate and create forums where women can feel inspiration and joy. She’s also looking forward to getting to know more Teknikkvinnor around Värmland and believes many there (including herself) need a network like this since there hasn’t been one ever before.







Magda works as EHS manager at a cyclotron plant in Uppsala, and is a historian and eco-system engineer who wants more! She loves working with people, the environment and security. Energi storage, heating, infrastructure projects, steel manufacturing, color production and PET-technology are areas where Magda has helped strengthen, implement and maintain the culture of environment and safety. Beyond work, time is spent with family, reading and discussing books and leading equality related questions in different forums where people both agree and disagree. However things may be, matters of environment, equality and deepened knowledge permeates her life. Welcome to Teknikkvinnor Uppsala!



Louise is an environmental project lead with focus on ground and surface water issues in the municipality of Upplands Väsby. There she works towards sustainable societal growth and acts to promote long term clean water for future generations. For Louise, staying in motion is important, as is learning new things. Aside her job, most of her time is spent either on farming during the summer or skiing during the winter, or alternatively with a good book. She feel great enthusiasm over being a part of Teknikkvinnor, with the ability to develop and change together with everyone else. Welcome to Teknikkvinnor Uppsala!






Martina Zetterström

Martina has since 2006 worked as a technology consultant in various industries in Gothenburg and is currently employed at ÅF and has an assignment at CEVT in Gothenburg. Her primary driver is learning in itself as well as personal growth. Through the network in gothenburg she hopes that more women get to see what possibilities there are in the world of tech, and through different meetups she hopes to inspire and support within the network.


Susanne Eliasson

Susanne is 40 years of age and is, despite her wonderfully ringing Rrrr’s, located in Mölndal. Behind her she has broad experience in telecom, datacom and IT from both the customer and supplier side. Susanne is an experience, driven leader with a passion for innovation and technology which gives the end-user a better everyday experience. Susanne currently works as Customer Success Manager, making sure that IT-solutions actually generate value for businesses. Susanne’s passionate about getting more girls to choose technology in an early age and actively works to create possibilities and benefits for those girls that have.


Teknikkvinnor Coaches

These amazing Teknikkvinnor have robust experience from year of working in the tech industry, and are also certified coaches. Together we can help in sharing knowledge nad improvements, and to promote more gender equal and inclusive workplaces.  

Are you or your organization looking for professional coaches for your managers, leaders or co-workers? Contact us HERE, if you’d like to meet any of them or know more


Cassandra Köbbel

Cassandra was raised in Bohuslän and today lives on Öckerö in Gothenburg’s archipelago. A master’s degree in mechatronics engineering has netted her over 10 years experience in the automotive industry, of which more than 4 years as a manager and leader.

Cassandra is a ICF-certified coach and also certified in TalentQ (team analysis, sales profiling, personality & skills testing and motivations analysis). She started her own company at the end of 2018 and as a person imply exudes positive energy, drive and a love for adventure. She has solid experience from working in teams where women are missing. As such, Cassandra wants to help improve workplace cultures through coaching as well as person and team analysis to improve gender equality. Through coaching and leading strategic change she’ll happily help in creating effective teams, sustainable leadership and healthy workplaces where people can thrive and grow together.


Susanna Stensdotter

With her roots in Österlen, Susanna now lives on Ekerö outside Stockholm. Her field is in executive coaching both on individual, group level as well as entire larger sections of an organization. Susanna is trained and certified in accordance with ICF, Total SDI and OBM.

With a Master of Science in civil engineering behind her, she now has 25 years of experience on leading positions in large tech companies both in Sweden and abroad. She understands and can relate to complex managerial challenges, with a strong emphasis on results, both individually and for groups. With Susanna you’ll get a caring, listening and educated coach who will motivate you to achieve your goals.