We educate and moderate, engage and motivate individuals to take action


Inspiration & GROWTH

When we hold presentations or workshops, we have three goals; to talk as little as possible and the audience as much as possible, to create energy and inspiration, and that upon leaving the room to have the audience be able to act immediately. We always customize content and talks based on your needs that we establish in conversations beforehand!

ExamplEs of presentations & Workshops

  • What do 26.000+ Teknikkvinnor discuss?

  • Agenda 5050 - Tools and tips from women to everyone

  • What is it like to work in a male-dominated industry?

  • Gender equality and inclusion - “what is it and what can I do?”

  • What does gender equality in Sweden & the world really look like?

  • Teknikkvinnor’s journey 

  • Are female networks really needed?


GENder equality & inclusion work

Gender equality and inclusion work should permeate the entire organization and be incorporated in existing processes.

From our point of view, we suggest three phases: analysis, implementation & support. Analysis is aimed at understanding the organization to allow for an implementation adapted to the organization’s specific situation. This also serves to cement a long term change where employees are involved.

During the implementation phase, we focus on creating ownership, increasing competences while structuring and building networks to create an organic learning based on experiences. The final support phase is where we act as an aid to ensure continuity and continuous learning, while we gradually distance ourselves in lieu of the now stronger, healthier organization. The scope of this work is customizable, where organizational maturity and receptiveness are key.



This type of work can often times become contentless window dressing when there is a lack of …



Work that isn’t grounded in people in positions of power will not be effectively communicated in the organization, and lack of a tangible purpose creates a sense of equality & inclusion “simply being a HR-initiative”.




Lackluster understanding leads to increased fear of change and an insufficient amount of knowledge, which then loses its reach.




A formal over-focus and informal under-focus leads to redundant amounts of centralization, policy documents and a top-down methodology which neither spreads nor embeds itself within the organization.




KPI’s that are either irrelevant or not measured often enough leads to increased gaps between sections of an organization that are up to par versus below par. Ineffective dividing of responsibility removes reoccuring follow-ups, and without a stream of quick “wins” and underlying undersanding the work stagnates.



Decentralization, openness and learning



We activate key personnel within organizations to signal mandate. An investment into work in gender equality, diversity and inclusion also signals priority and importance, and integration with other parts of the business creates continuity.




We utilize engaging, involving presentations and workshops in order to pertinently communicate the purpose of this work, and we face the employees’ commitment with information, data, examples and discussion. This then continues outside the “classrooms” in, for instance, employee driven projects.




By actively working with ambassadors and networks with diversity, we create a decentralized ownership structure, with local knowledge and ownership. This contributes to lower dependence on specific people and a bigger community effect. We focus on the formal and informal within the organization to ensure actual development.




We emphasize quick wins which contribute to a greater long term change, use indexed KPI’s centered on understanding difference, and avoid “us & them”-language within the organization. This is done to make the implementation natural and sustainable, specifically in parts of the business with special circumstances.


Agenda 5050

Agenda 5050 are 46 tips and tools from experienced Teknikkvinnor to individuals in their career who wish to create a more inclusive culture. The 46 different areas have been created from hundreds of conversations over a 3 year period from an anonymous Teknikkvinna from the tech industry. Today, Agenda 5050 is utilized by people in, or who are about to enter, their careers and Teknikkvinnor spreads these through workshops. Should you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Click HERE to download the PDF.


Teknikkvinnor Coaches

Are you or your organization looking for coaches to your managers, leaders or co-workers? To read about Teknikkvinnor Coaches click HERE, and contact us HERE if you’d like to get in touch and meet them!

Our coaches are amazing Teknikkvinnor with solid experience of working many years in the tech industry that happen to be internationally certified coaches. Together we can help in sharing knowledge nad improvements, and to promote more gender equal and inclusive workplaces.